BINARY seminar

Schedule (second Friday of the month, 14-15h)

In the monthly seminar the progress of the project as well as project relevant work will be presented by the project scientists and PIs, as well as guests.

Date Presenter Title
24 April 2020 Andreas Hildebrandt Universal Differential Equations for Scientific Machine Learning
8 May 2020 Annette Miltenberger
Orographic clouds - a toy case for constraining and improving numerical weather prediction models
12 June 2020 Peter Spichtinger Startup projects in atmospheric physics
10 July 2020 no seminar no seminar
14 August 2020 Tassilo Wagner Deep Learning Physical Simulations
11 September 2020 Lucas Grulich Automatic shape detection of ice crystals
9 October 2020 no seminar no seminar
6 November 2020 Stefan Niebler Front detection
11 December 2020 Peter Spichtinger BINARY 2020 and beyond
8 January 2021 Ann-Christin Wörl Clouds in satellite images
12 February 2021 Anton Seyfert Tracking Simulation Errors of Atmospheric Moisture
12 March 2021 Sebastian Brodehl Satellite-Based Detection and Forecast of Convective Cells
9 April 2021 Miniworkshop Miniworkshop
21 May 2021 Maicon Hieronymus Algorithmic Differentiation as Sensitivity Analysis in Microphysics
11 June 2021
9 July 2021



updated 19 May 2021